3 Pillars to Healthy Living

We all want the secret to the perfect mind, body, and life. The truth is, there is no secret. In fact, we all know what we need to do and it's right in front of us. With these simple pillars in action, you will look, feel, and live to your full potential. 

Let's start with hydration. Everyone knows to stay hydrated, but most people aren't getting nearly as much water as they should. Staying hydrated has numerous benefits from cleansing your body to muscular, joint, & cardiovascular recovery. Many people go through the entire day feeling sluggish, tired, and with brain fog. These symptoms can easily be cured by replacing all of our beverages with water and drinking a bit more every hour. Hydration is underrated and often ignored, so staying mindful and aware is key. 

Stress. Pressure. Tension. We deal with these on a day to day basis. We think it's normal, but fail to realize how much of an impact stress plays in our lives. Stress management is a huge pillar for healthy living because if we don't manage stress well, we aren't able to reach our peak performance. Excess stress without management spikes the negative hormones in our body, such as cortisol. This is what kills our drive, creates negative emotions, and impacts our cognitive ability. Some stress is good and even necessary for us to achieve the extraordinary, but in our fast-paced lives, it's important to step back and relax. We can handle stress management in a variety of ways -- from meditation to sitting back and watching a movie. Essentially, anything that creates downtime to prevent burnout is the goal.

How many of us have heard people proudly talking about how little sleep they got last night? In our western world, getting less sleep is considered part of the norm because the status quo is to be productive and hard working. However, this is greatly impacting our society with huge negative consequences. Although it varies from person to person, we need to sleep 7-9 hours each night. We often forget how important rest is for our body. It benefits us from boosting our immune system to creating peak cognitive performance. Sleep shapes who we are -- our behaviors, thoughts, and energy all rely on it. It is our responsibility to make sure we are creating a world where we empower rest. This allows us to be our best each and every day.

There you have it. The 3 pillars to healthy living, all backed by years of scientific research. Most is common sense, but our lives get so saturated with noise, sometimes it's hard to focus on the things that matter. Let's make an effort to create healthy living and share its benefits with the world.

"I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you." -Joyce Meyer


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