3 Ways to Create Value

As a society, we thrive off contributing from one person to another. We add value, so people believe, respect, and follow us. Creating value is important in many aspects of life from leadership to cultivating new and current relationships. Contributing to society in a meaningful way has its moral, social, and financial gains, but also increases our sense of self-worth. It allows us to feel significant knowing we can benefit others. 

There are many ways to create value in this world, but one way is to inspire. When we inspire others to take action on their ideas, their dreams turn into reality. People are often in their head and fail to execute. By pushing people to the edge and leading by example, we show them anything is possible. Of course not everyone can and will execute, but those who inspire do it for the minority in hopes they will someday inspire the next generation. 

A wonderful way to add value to society is to show people how to do something better. Improving on a current product or service and making it world class has the potential to benefit millions of people. Sometimes we don't have to reinvent the wheel -- we can simply make the wheel better. 

What are our most important assets? Not the cars, houses, or money in the bank, but our time and attention. These are assets we cannot buy more of. They are limited for everyone whether you are rich, poor, black, or white. Sometimes creating value can be as simple as giving our time and attention. Whether it's taking 5 minutes of our time to listen to someone we care about or being attentive to someone in their time of need. As long as we're giving value that can benefit at least one person, that's a win. 

No matter the type of value or the vehicle we deliver it in, it's important to stay authentic and true to who we are. We want to genuinely give value without unreasonable expectations and an ulterior motive. Creating value is the ultimate way to positively impact this life we all cherish. 

"Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value."

-Albert Einstein 


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