New Year, New You

Congratulations, you made it to 2019. It’s that time of the year when everyone creates their extravagant goals, but how can we stick to our resolutions? How can we achieve what we want? 

Start Now. Although everyone creates resolutions for the year on January 1st, it’s important to know that we can start at anytime. Start November 24th, start on Valentine’s Day, start when your car breaks down. The point is, start now and don’t wait. The most crucial part about reaching goals is getting back up after we fail and continuing. If we mess up on our diet one day, we get back up and start again the next day. Perseverance breeds success. 

Aim High, But Start Low. We often set these huge goals for ourselves, but can never reach them because of how daunting the goal is. When a goal is too overwhelming, we give up because it’s so out of reach. It’s perfectly ok to aim high, but we need to take baby steps. Start with one day a week in the gym, then increase it to two, etc. We need to take our goals step by step and gradually increase. Progress takes time. 

Change One Habit. When setting goals, some of us set 3, 4, or even 10 new habits to follow. This will lead to a disaster and disappointment because creating so many new habits simply isn’t practical. What we should do is set one new habit at a time. If we focus on one habit, we’re more likely to achieve it. Once we’ve mastered that new behavior, we can move onto the next one.

Why Is Your Goal Important? Understanding why this specific goal is important to you will give it meaning. When a goal has meaning, we care about it more and are willing to put in effort. Let’s say we want to lose 30 lbs. Why is that important to you? Maybe it’s because you want to feel confident in the body you’re in, so you can conquer the world and reach other goals you have. Whatever it is, understand your why. 

Track Performance. Tracking our performance is essential to progress. We need to know where we are, the progress we’ve made, and where we’re going. From tracking our body weight to the calories consumed, anything measurable should be tracked. Tracking allows us to feel confident in ourself because we can see progress happening. This ensures us that long-term success is possible and helps us push further. 

Self-Talk. How we talk to ourselves is one of the most important tools we can utilize. Sometimes people beat themselves up if they mess up and that negative self-talk can be counterproductive to our goals. What we need to implement is positive self-talk. Maybe we mess up and have a cheat meal. That’s ok because you’re going to reset and start over. Setting a positive mindset for ourselves creates the framework for us to believe that our goals are possible. When we believe something is possible, we’re going to put in the work to get there.  

“Goals. There’s no telling what you can do when you get inspired by them. There’s no telling what you can do when you believe in them. And there’s no telling what will happen when you act upon them.” -Jim Rohan


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