One Word That Will Change Your Life

Consistency. What does that word mean to you? We all have dreams, ambitions, and aspirations, but they seem out of reach for most of us. Why is that? When it comes down to it, most people are unwilling to follow the basic principle of consistency. Of course there are many principles to achievement, but consistency is the foundation.

This principle is essentially repetition. From a week to week and month to month basis, progress can seem slow or non-existent, but repetition is extremely underrated. Consistency over long periods of time can transform an individual. When we stay consistent with our short-term goals and constantly raise the bar, we're able to exponentially grow. When we dive into the lives of anyone who achieved greatness, from Abraham Lincoln to Steve Jobs, we can see extreme personal growth because of constant pursuit. In fitness, this is no different. Intensity and raising standards are vital, but they mean nothing without the constant effort to get in the gym and improve yourself every day.

Those who have achieved greatness have rituals to be consistent. The most common ritual is a specific morning routine, which is practiced every day. With rituals, we're able to create the habit of being consistent. The habit of consistency allows us to focus and conquer each day one step at a time. This is why it's difficult to stick to something new, but easy to continue something we've been doing with ease. Once we get into the groove of repetition, it's easy for us to fall back on habit rather than discipline. 

Everything takes work, drive, and the desire to improve. If we all implement more consistency, our outcomes can drastically change. Let's take this concept and apply it to every aspect of life we want to improve -- fitness, finance, career, relationships, etc. The wonderful thing about this principle is you have full control over it. You can control your consistency in anything you do. When we take responsibility over what we can change, we empower ourselves to create a life we never thought was possible.

"It's not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It's what we do consistently." -Tony Robbins


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