The Silent Killers

Have you ever thought of what you actually put into your body? Have you ever thought of how some foods and drinks could be affecting how we feel and perform? Most of us aren't as conscious as we should be, but we can drastically change our health if we made a few simple changes. 

The silent killers are the enemy. They are unsuspecting every day foods and drinks that have long-term negative consequences on our performance, cognitive ability, and immune system. Let's go over them and see why specifically these have a huge impact on our body.

Soda & Juices. We know soda is high in sugar and calories and most of us are trending to a life with alternatives or without soda entirely, but few of us recognize that juices are essentially the same. Juices are high in calories and sugar, but we naively assume they are healthy because of culture & marketing. We regularly drink juice in the morning, for lunch, and even as a "healthy" beverage throughout the day. A quick, easy fix is to simply replace all beverages with water. Not only are we staying hydrated, but we're removing all of the unnecessary calories and sugar.

Alcohol. Alcohol is a big one. People like to go out on the weekends and enjoy themselves -- nothing wrong with that. The issue is when we overindulge in calorie-dense drinks, such as beer. Because of alcohol's effects and the fact that beer is a liquid, it's quite easy to consume a ton of calories in a short period of time. Beer, wine, vodka, etc. all add up when we're out enjoying ourselves. It's critical that we keep an eye on our drinking to make sure we're in control while we have fun. 

Fast Food. At first, this was America's great innovation. Hungry on a road trip? No problem. Need a quick bite on the way to work? No problem. It's convenient, fast, and tastes so good. However, people are now too dependent on fast food and overeat beyond their capacity. Most fast food places contain foods that are high in calories and not that filling, so we tend to order and eat more than we would with whole, complete foods. The great thing about fast food places is now they offer healthy alternatives. Usually these restaurants will have low calorie items and with some quick research, you can order great tasting food without adding unnecessary pounds each week.

Refined Flour Foods. Processed flour foods have become extremely common ever since we could package dough and sugar all in a container for us to eat anytime, anywhere. Refined flour foods come to us from restaurants, fast food places, and grocery stores. Some of the culprits are pasta, pizza, and cookies. They taste good, they're high in calories, and they're easily accessible. So, what can we do? Most restaurants now have healthy alternatives to their usual meals. We can also exercise portion control, so we still enjoy the same dishes without stuffing ourselves. Most of all, we have to control our environment. Having healthy food around us at home ensures that we are less likely to go for a cookie because it isn't around. We can succeed when we put ourselves in a position to succeed. 

The enemy is all around us, but there is a way out. We all want to look good, feel good, and put the right nutrition into our bodies. It will take some discipline and habit building, but it's worth it in the long run. 

"To keep the body in good health is a duty...otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear." -Buddha


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