About Us

Turn your dreams into reality.


 Our Story

Our love for fitness started in early high school. We ran track and played tennis, but needed an edge in our game. That’s when we jumped into weight lifting with a goal to get leaner, faster, & stronger. At first, we wanted the body and image that came with working out, but fitness grew into something more over time. We broke through and experienced incredible physical transformations, but what changed more was our mentality. We became more disciplined, more confident, and carried ourselves with purpose. We knew others could benefit from this lifestyle, so we dedicated our time to personal training.

We trained clients, pushed them to their limits, and created incredible transformations. We experienced firsthand dozens of people who were struggling in life, and fitness completely changed their mentality. Clients were becoming the best versions of themselves right in front of our eyes and it felt amazing to be part of their journey. This passion we found was making a real difference and we knew this could be something more. 

Fitness Fam was created in 2017 with the desire to reach people at scale. We believe everyone has unrealized potential and we’re here to help you create a life-changing transformation.